Premium Manager

By limiting the number of Policy miles you purchase you are able to minimise the cost of your initial premium. You can purchase additional miles should you need them. (Minimum purchase is 3000 miles).


Should you use less than the Policy Miles originally purchased, we will give you cashback at the end of the term agreed.

Renew For Less

When, how and how far you drive your car affects your renewal Premium. Your driving history could save you money when you renew.

Premium Saving Tool

Your online performance Dashboard shows how your driving is affecting your insurance costs. Your driving records, documentation and useful hints & tips on how to save more are also stored here.

Optional Extras

You can add the following to your policy:
AA Breakdown & Recovery
In car Gadget Cover
Key Cover

Drive Less, Save More.

What's included?

  FREE Premium Optimisation Device

  Legal Protection

  Windscreen Cover

  Courtesy Car

  Personal Accident

  Personal Possessions


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