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Telematics car insurance has evolved Watching out for you, not over you We’ve simplified black box car insurance so that we’re there when you need us but
invisible when you don’t, and we’re smart enough to know the difference, always.
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Black box insurance that watches out for you, not over you

Coverbox telematics insurance is so smart and so simple that you won’t know it’s there until you really need it.

We won't monitor your driving every time you use your car - but we will always be there for your protection. We fit a telematics box in your vehicle to record the journeys you make, but we won't limit the miles you can drive, or impose any restrictions on the times of day you can use your car.

The primary reason for fitting a box to your vehicle is so that we can protect your interests in the event of a claim and to control the costs of each claim. The data provided by the device will help us to deal with claims quickly, correctly establish liability if there is a dispute, and ensure that the needs of all parties involved are met accurately and efficiently.

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Leading insurers recognise that telematics is the future. Now, you can discover the telematics evolution you have been waiting for.

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