Simple and effective telematics car insurance

Using in-car smart technology to keep insurance costs low and help you stay safe and legal on the road

Coverbox uses telematics to help you stay safe and legal on the roads. Weekly updates show you how you're driving so you can keep on improving as you drive, while the data recorded by the box fitted in your car offers invaluable help in keeping claims costs and disputes to a minimum.

  • UK Call centre
  • 24/7 Claims lines
  • Cover starts on the date you want
  • Data Collected can help protect your Excess and No Claims Discount
  • Data collected can help us speed up the claims process and prove liability
  • Straightforward installation
  • Car insurance with the benefit of Telematics

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Why Coverbox?
What is telematics?
How does the box work?
Theft tracking
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Smart insurance with your safety and protection in mind

The telematics device provided by Coverbox collects information about your journeys and we use this data to help protect you and keep the cost of cover as low as possible. We won't limit the miles you can drive, or impose any restrictions on the times of day you can use your car.

We also keep you regularly informed about your driving, by email and on your Dashboard, so that we can help you address dangerous or possibly risky driving habits, to help you stay legal on the roads.

The importance of facts

The data from your telematics black box provides facts. If you are involved in an accident, the important details will be recorded. This information can help your insurer to handle the claim as efficiently as possible and we will be able to prove, for example, your speed, location, braking and acceleration around the time of the accident.

Confidence is key

You can feel confident that we will do our utmost to help you stay safe and protected on the roads, You will have the freedom to drive when and where you want to, but always in the knowledge that Coverbox will be there when you need us, should you need to make a claim or if your car is stolen.

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Leading insurers recognise that telematics is the future. Now, you can discover the telematics evolution you have been waiting for.


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