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Summer is officially here, so if you, and your car, are about to get out and about on the road here are some thoughts on summer road safety.

When most people picture hazardous weather conditions in their head, they tend to think of winter driving or stormy, wet weather. However, bright, sunny days can create a false sense of security, and with more drivers on the roads during the summer holiday season, as well as more cyclists, pedestrians, and horse riders, the road risks are definitely up.

The world of motoring is constantly evolving, and drivers must evolve with it. This means taking on board new technologies and being alert to road changes.

The main goal behind almost all advancements – whether it's self-driving cars or black box car insurance – is to make the motoring experience easier and reduce the amount of risk that drivers experience on the roads.

Coins on a table

Every driver wants to save money, but some penny pinching methods are not as obvious as others. Here, Coverbox takes a look at some top tips on how you can prevent your car from driving a huge dent into your wallet.

They may be the ultimate resource for nervous drivers travelling unknown routes, but have you ever wondered what effect using a satellite navigation system has on your brain?

Recent figures have shown that car insurance premiums are once again on the rise. Unfortunately, young drivers are among those worst hit.

Pot holes in the road

It helps to be prepared for anything while driving as the unexpected can happen at any time and even the safest drivers can run into problems through no fault of their own. Potholes are one such hazard which have the potential to cause problems.

Nissan dashboard

In the first week of March, Londoners may have come across a driverless car without even realising it because Nissan had been testing the cutting-edge technology on the roads of the capital in a new trial.

When you sit behind the wheel of a modern car, it's easy to feel confused by the mass of buttons and lights in front of you. At Coverbox we try and make driving with telematics as simple as possible, so you get all the benefits and none of the worries, because in a technologically advanced world, driving can get really complicated.

Effective immediately, new rules will ensure speeding drivers face tougher penalties, with maximum fines of up to £2,500.

You don't need us to tell you that speeding is one of the most dangerous acts a driver can commit, and now, the government has introduced a new set of penalties to crack down on those who ignore speed limits.

Of course, if you remain safe and responsible while behind the wheel, you won't have to worry about the new speeding fines.

You may already know that GPS telematics can help you become a better driver, but did you also know the data could be used to prove your compliance with driving laws if you ever find yourself unfairly faced with a fine?