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Drowsy Driving

The AA has launched a new campaign surrounding the dangers of driving when drowsy, after a new study found that:

Dont Drink Drive

179 drivers caught drunk behind the wheel PER DAY in December 2017, with 28% the morning after.

Beating Driving Test Nerves

A quarter of drivers use superstition to help combat driving test nerves

Don't let baldness leave you out of pocket

1.4 million UK drivers are driving with tyres below the legal limit

Yellow Car

AA Reveals The Top Tips on How To Avoid Oil Related Breakdowns. 21,000 Breakdowns Occur Annually.

Learner Plate

New interactive calendar helps learners identify the best and worst dates to book their driving test, based on five years of pass rates data

Coverbox competitions, Terms & Conditions

We all love gifts.

They’re even better when it’s not your birthday or Christmas – wouldn’t you agree?

This is why we run competitions on our Facebook page throughout the year, so that our customers have a chance to win some free goodies!

Breakdown Warning Triangle

Knowing what to do if your car breaks down can be a real life saver. Would you know how to handle the situation?

AA Breakdown Cover

Whether you've just passed your test or you are a veteran of the road with years of driving experience behind you, there's always a risk that you might suffer an unexpected breakdown. Luckily, having black box insurance with Coverbox can offer you a great value solution.

Summer Driving Tips

Summer is officially here, so if you, and your car, are about to get out and about on the road here are some thoughts on summer road safety.

When most people picture hazardous weather conditions in their head, they tend to think of winter driving or stormy, wet weather. However, bright, sunny days can create a false sense of security, and with more drivers on the roads during the summer holiday season, as well as more cyclists, pedestrians, and horse riders, the road risks are definitely up.