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Telematics car insurance - saving you fuel, saving you money

As a responsible driver, you'll want to do all you can to obey the rules of the road. This means being courteous to other road users, adhering to safety advice and warnings, and making sure your attention remains 100 per cent on the road at all times.

But being a good motorist should also extend to considering how your driving affects the environment. And those who do not make the effort to keep their driving behaviour as eco-friendly as possible may well suffer the consequences in the form of empty pockets.

Yes, it appears that the quality of your driving is reflected in your wallet more than you might think. This is because poor or aggressive driving habits, such as harsh acceleration and braking, leads to higher fuel consumption, which, of course, means forking out more money each month to keep the tank full.

How bad is the problem?

Recent research has suggested that those with unfavourable driving habits could be spending almost £50 more a month compared with smoother drivers. Plus, sensible drivers could drive around 280 miles more than aggressive drivers before needing to make a stop to top up at the petrol station.

Of course, bad driving leading to increased fuel consumption and therefore higher running costs is hardly a new revelation. Coverbox has always known this, which is why our insurance is designed to encourage and reward good driving ability.

The problem is that most drivers have no useful way of judging which habits are contributing to unnecessary costs. If there was a precise way of knowing, and clear evidence of the problematic behaviour, then it's likely that most drivers would work on improving their risky driving behaviour.

And that, we have found, is one of the best things about black box insurance – you can see how you have driven.

We understand how important it is for good drivers to be rewarded for their safe and responsible behaviour on the road. That's why we use in-car smart technology to hopefully bring out the best in every driver.

Among multiple other benefits, our telematics device can encourage fuel-efficient driving so that you can keep your visits to the petrol station to a minimum.

The device helps you do this very simply:
When you drive, the black box collects driving data for each journey, including your acceleration and braking patterns.
This information is sent to you via weekly email updates. It can also be viewed by logging on to your Dashboard.
You will be able to see various pieces of useful driving information and whether any of the behaviour has been flagged as potentially hazardous or illegal.

Regular updates are important, because without this simple way of presenting the information, many drivers would be left confused over precisely what they should be correcting so that they can help themselves and other road users.

Don't worry, though. The purpose of collecting this information isn't so we can use it to enforce punishments. Rather, that it's there to help you. You're not going to learn how to be a better driver by being kept off the road with curfews and penalties, so we stick to providing incentives. And what better incentive is there than the ability to save money and keep yourself safe?

And in the process of improving your driving skill, you will naturally make your driving more environmentally-friendly, cutting down on the amount you spend on fuel.

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