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Texting while driving safely - The impossible task!

With the dangers of mobile phone use while driving, and the laws to combat the behaviour, seemingly a constant fixture in the news these days, it's crazy that some people still think it's an okay thing to do.

To highlight the dangers of texting while driving, a test facility for learner drivers in Brussels, Belgium incorporated a brand new element to the driving test for one day only - the text test!

Each learner driver was told that a new rule had been introduced and that they would now need to demonstrate that they could text and drive safely.

The news came as a shock to many of the learner drivers who were being filmed using hidden cameras positioned within the car.

One learner even stated that he would stop driving should the rule become law as it would make the roads too dangerous.

Needless to say, each motorist's driving skills were reduced when asked to send a text while navigating the test route.

Stay accident free for cheaper car insurance

Car insurance for young drivers can appear excessively expensive when compared to the insurance rates of those who have accumulated many years of No Claims Discount.

If you choose to text while driving then you increase the chance of becoming involved in an accident. As demonstrated in the video; it is impossible to focus on the road and react quickly to developing situations.

While keeping yourself and other road users safe should always be your first priority, of course, driving safely will help your wallet too. If you practice safe driving and prove yourself to be a careful driver, this could be reflected in the cost of your car insurance come renewal. If that isn't enough incentive to keep your phone far from reach when driving, then consider the lives you could save by waiting until you've reached your destination to send a text.