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With Coverbox and the AA nothing stops you, not even traffic

Whether you've just passed your test or you are a veteran of the road with years of driving experience behind you, there's always a risk that you might suffer an unexpected breakdown. Luckily, having black box insurance with Coverbox can offer you a great value solution.

We're proud to be partnered with the AA, one of the UK's most trusted brands (1), offering our customers great value breakdown cover alongside their car insurance. Without breakdown cover, recovery costs can be expensive, but by adding a breakdown cover product to your car insurance you could save money and gain peace of mind.

The motoring nightmare scenario

Imagine you're driving to the airport when suddenly your engine dies and you have to call for help. This could really disrupt your plans and if you have passengers on board, this is an extra headache.

The AA could help you get back on track. In fact, this scenario is exactly what happens to a father and his singing toddler in their latest advert.

Singing along to Tina Turner's "Proud Mary", (with a little bit of advertising magic, of course) the talented little girl remains unconcerned when her father has to pull over at the roadside because of engine troubles. A breakdown engineer is quick to respond, fixes the problem, and sends the father and his daughter, who is still belting out Turner, on their way as their wheels "keep on turnin'".

How to report a breakdown with the AA traffic app

Along with the standard options to report a breakdown - the AA also now offers a mobile phone app which has standard and member-only features to get help, report and track a breakdown.

Member-only features:

  • Report breakdowns faster through exact location tracking
  • Real-time rescue tracking
  • 20% discount scheme at participating restaurants
  • Directions to the cheapest places to fill up your tank
  • View live prices and opening times helping you to park legally

Standard app features:

  • Use the trusty Route Planner to plan journeys and predict arrival time
  • Avoid tolls, congestion charge zones and motorways
  • Use Traffic Watch to relay live road information
  • Built-in MOT and Road Tax due date reminders

The AA is perfect for freedom-loving drivers

With its new advert and branding, the Automobile Association wishes to speak to the many freedom-seeking drivers. The association is steering away from the idea that drivers are interested in the inner workings of their car and instead wants to celebrate what people enjoy doing in the car – driving. The new ad illustrates how AA mechanics can help give drivers a smoother journey, with peace of mind, and therefore bring back the joy of driving.

Cheryl Calverley, head of group marketing, says, "The AA roadwatch is one of the most well-loved and trusted brands in the UK. But we really want to help take off its shackles, to talk about what's great about having best in class breakdown cover."

A poll of nearly 22,000 drivers carried out by the AA found that 80% of people are enthusiastic about driving, and it's this sense of fun that the AA wants to encourage. This is why it aims to make sure that the common nuisance of a breakdown is never responsible for derailing plans. The AA is the largest breakdown service provider in the UK (2); with 8 out of 10 breakdowns fixed at the roadside (3).

Both the AA and Coverbox are passionate about getting you on the road and allowing you to drive to your heart's content without restrictions. More time spent on the road means you'll gain valuable experience with each journey, which will help you grow into a better driver (and you can use the data collected by your black box device as guidance, of course).

So, remember to select the appropriate level of breakdown cover when you get a quote with Coverbox, so you can keep on rollin'.

1 Source: Brand Asset Valuator April 2014. Outside of charities the AA came first in a survey of 3,000 people, ahead of Post Office, Boots and Google
2. Source: Mintel – INTEL report: Vehicle Recovery – UK, September 2014. The website of the second largest provider stated that they had 'approximately 1,500 patrols' on 8 October 2015.
3. Based on AA Case Repair Rate Septec 13 – Aug 2014