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How does black box insurance really work?

The black box has been a financial saviour for many young drivers in recent years as the spiralling costs of insurance has put a major burden on the newly qualified.

But what can you really gain from black box insurance and how does it work?

Here we tell you all you need to know about our clever telematics devices so you can sit confidently in your driving seat and just drive!

What savings can I make with the black box?

As well as unlocking cheaper car insurance, a telematics policy ensures you can benefit from better administration when making a claim and more security.

Vehicle theft is a major issue in the UK and whilst figures are lower today than they were ten years ago, our black box's tracking capabilities can offer ultimate peace of mind.

If your car is stolen, all you need to do is call our 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Helpline, give us your crime reference number and we will assist the police in their attempt to recover your car. 

Plus, having a black box fitted will mean a better administration system during a claim and this can keep costs down.

Liability disputes can take months to resolve for traditional car insurance customers, but the data recorded by your black box ensures that we have a clear picture of what really happened, so claims are handled quickly and efficiently.

What information does the device collect?

At Coverbox, we don't use our technology to tell you how to drive - the black box is there to ensure data is collected to make unfair claims following accidents a thing of the past.

The box will collect information on; your vehicle's location, individual journey lengths, your acceleration, braking, cornering and any collisions.

And telematics technology isn't there just to watch your every move, the data is collated to ensure you can be rewarded for being a careful driver.

However, we make all your driving data available to you, via your personal dashboard, so that, if you want to, you can see exactly how you are driving. Some people like to be able to access this information, others don't. It's totally up to you.

The fitting process

Fitting the telematics device couldn't be easier, we arrange a time, date and location to suit you and our technicians will be there to fit the small device discreetly in place. Following fitting all you have to do is drive as normal, and the data collected may result in a lower premium upon renewal.


To find out more about our black box insurance devices, contact us today!

Photo © Indi Samarajiva via Flickr, under reative Commons licence.