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Overcoming the problems of low mileage car insurance

Let's get one thing straight – Coverbox car insurance is telematics car insurance for all mileages. We don't limit your mileage because, after all, the future is impossible to predict.


You might plan to drive only 5,000 miles over a twelve-month period but then if something comes up that means you need to travel further, a traditional low mileage car insurance policy might have inconvenient and expensive penalties. Conversely, if you purchase 10,000 miles but use only 4,000, you are left in the position of having unnecessarily paid for 6,000 unused miles.

With Coverbox, there are never any restrictions or penalties in place. Instead, we ask you for an estimate of your mileage, calculate the price of your policy accordingly and then evaluate the data recorded by your telematics device. When analysing the data, we focus on the safety of your driving as well as the overall mileage so that we can ensure the cost of your next policy accurately reflects the reality of your driving.

The device records all journeys you make and unless you are predicted to drive substantially more miles than you originally thought, we won’t contact you. If your predicted miles are much higher than you thought, we’ll call you to see if your circumstances have changed or if you need to correct the cover you have in place.

Is limited mileage insurance right for you? You choose

You want telematics car insurance but you’re not sure how many miles to buy. You don’t want to be left with unused, but paid for miles at the end of your policy and you don’t want to have to buy more miles part way through your policy if your circumstances change.

You also want cover that recognises your good driving ability and gives incentives for good behaviour on the road; insurance that looks at you as an individual and not as part of a demographic. If these statements apply to you, then a Coverbox telematics policy could be what you need.

Coverbox, rewarding safe drivers

One of the main benefits of having a telematics device in your car is that, hopefully, it will encourage you to drive as safely as possible. It will also bring many additional benefits, such as allowing us to reduce claim costs in the event of an accident and use the data to help prove liability – potentially protecting your No Claims Discount and your excess. We don't use the data to impose penalties and punishments for every small mistake you make.

Coverbox, simplified telematics for smart drivers

If you are confident that you deserve cheaper car insurance – because you either drive a low annual mileage or you are a safe and conscientious driver – and want further help improving your driving skill so that you can become the best, most responsible driver you can possibly be, then Coverbox can deliver the policy that is right for you. Begin your journey to the future of car insurance by getting a quote today.