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Smart telematics, made simple and effective

You consider yourself a good driver, you’ve chosen your car wisely and you want cheap car insurance. It should be simple, shouldn’t it?


Telematics car insurance has come to the fore as a way of helping drivers, especially new and young drivers, to get cheaper car insurance. Having a black box device in your car enables your insurer to see how you are driving and it can really help in the event of an accident. But not all black box policies are the same.

Low mileage and pay as you drive car insurance

Some telematics insurers provide pay as you drive (PAYD) or low mileage insurance, which means the driver can travel a set number of miles, say 8,000, then they would be required to buy additional miles in order to stay insured. The price of the car insurance is competitive, but the driver has to make sure they stay inside their mileage limit. They have to monitor their own driving and could find themselves uninsured if they forget to buy extra pay-as-you-go insurance cover.

With Coverbox – you can just drive

At Coverbox, we want to make car insurance as simple and effective as possible. Because Coverbox customers agree to have a telematics device fitted in their vehicle we can offer really competitive car insurance prices, and the device helps us to help you because we give you regular updates about your driving. This can help you become a better, safer driver. There are no automatic penalties, no curfews, no mileage limits, but you will be safe in the knowledge that we are watching out for you.

There when you need us

The telematics device is there to help you in a number of situations. For instance, significant impacts or forces are recorded by the telematics device, these are usually the result of collisions and crashes and the data recorded by the black box will help us to settle the claim quickly and efficiently - it might prove that you were not at fault and this could save you hundreds of pounds in protecting your excess and no claims discount. Plus, if your vehicle is reported stolen and the device remains in place, the GPS signals sent from the box could help the police to track and recover the car.

Coverbox - car insurance with added protection

We use in-car smart technology to help you stay safe and protected on the roads - you can use your Dashboard to view your journeys and we will send regular driving updates which will highlight any dangerous or potentially risky driving behaviour. We don't ask you to pay as you go; we want to make telematics insurance the right choice for you and that means helping you to get the best price possible on your cover.

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