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Global telecommunications for your car

Telematics uses wireless networks (telecommunication systems) to send information (data) from one location to another.


By using telematics, Coverbox can help keep the cost of car insurance down and help you stay safe and legal on the road - using weekly updates we can show you how you're driving and alert you to any dangerous or potentially risky driving, that you may not even be aware of.

Coverbox Telematics insurance – simple, effective and all about you.

Some people may be put off the idea of telematics car insurance because it sounds out of the ordinary, or a bit scary. When an insurance company starts talking about ‘data monitoring' and ‘vehicle tracking' it all sounds a bit like Big Brother will be watching you. But with Coverbox, our main reason for using telematics is to make car insurance cheaper and claims simpler for our customers.

In fact, the chances are that you already use some form of telematics device because sat-navs and mobile phone mapping apps are just another form of telematics. They use information about your position (the global position of the device) to show you a map of where you are and where you want to go.

With Coverbox you agree to have a small telematics device fitted in your car to record your journeys and this helps us to help you.

Let's simplify telematics

Okay. Here it is:

  • The black box collects data relating to all the journeys your vehicle makes
  • The data is sent via satellites to Coverbox's central offices/servers
  • We store this data (in accordance with the Data Protection Act) so that we can use it to update you on your driving, to assist in the event of a claim or if your car is stolen and at renewal.
  • We send weekly updates to you so that you can see how you are driving and address any issues - helping you to keep yourself and other road users safe, and stay within the law.
  • If you need to make a claim the telematics device can help reveal the facts about what happened around the time of the incident. This information can help your insurer settle a claim quickly and efficiently. It could prove you were not at fault - so protecting your No Claims Discount and your excess, a potential saving of hundreds of pounds.

We want you to be able to have complete confidence in our telematics box. All we want you to do is drive in confidence knowing that Coverbox will be there when you need us to be.

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