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Young driver car insurance from Coverbox

We use in-car smart technology to help keep drivers, especially young drivers, safe and legal on the roads.


Our device-based insurance helps keep claims costs and disputes to a minimum, so enabling us to offer young drivers a better deal. By keeping you informed about your driving, we can help you to keep on learning how to be a better driver even after you've passed your test.

Weekly driving updates

When you buy a Coverbox policy you agree to have a telematics device fitted in your car. This device gathers data related to such things as journey length, journey locations, speed, braking and acceleration. We then send you weekly updates, via email and on your Dashboard, so that any potential illegal driving actions or dangerous driving can be highlighted.

It is often said, that new and young drivers benefit from ongoing instruction once they've passed their test, and the information recorded by your black box device and displayed on your Dashboard can be your own private teacher and safety guide.

No mileage restrictions, no curfews

Unlike some black box insurance providers we believe young drivers should be able to drive where and when they want to. This means that we impose no mileage restrictions or curfews on our policyholders. The box will show us if you are a safe driver and this information will help us to be able to offer you the best price at renewal.

No penalties

You might have heard stories of drivers being punished by their black box insurers for driving problems such as speeding, and while we believe that every journey should be a safe one, at Coverbox we want to educate rather than punish. We will make you aware of any dangerous or potentially illegal driving circumstances, via email or your Dashboard, so you can modify your driving and keep safe. We believe in education and information – two items which can help keep the roads safe for all drivers.

Taking care of the future

It is no secret that for many young drivers, insurance is either unaffordable or a considerable drain on the pocket. But Coverbox makes insurance costs realistic by providing competitively priced policies from the outset, while also offering you the chance to receive the best possible price on your cover in the future. This is because we are able to assess all the information from your black box at the time of renewal, and, if your data proves you are a safe driver, it is likely that we will be able to reward you with a favourably-priced policy, and if you remain claim free, you also build your own No Claims Discount (NCD).

The facts are in the box

One way we are able to reduce the price of insurance is by controlling the costs of each claim. You can rely on our black box to provide the facts if you've been involved in an incident, so if a claim is disputed and you were not at fault, the box can help your insurer quickly prove what happened. This means you could save your excess and protect your NCD - great for you and your pocket. And if you were to blame, your insurer will be able to quickly and efficiently settle the claim, and this keeps all the associated costs as low as possible.

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